Kavya Rallabhandi

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Kavya Rallabhandi is a law clerk in our Washington, DC, office with a focus on intellectual property matters.

I Know That Brand . . . Or Do I? Reviewing the Eleventh Circuit’s Likelihood of Confusion Analysis

By on Jan 26, 2023
Posted In Trademarks

The US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit reversed and remanded a district court’s summary judgment ruling finding no likelihood that consumers might be confused as to any relationship between competitors operating in the same state, in similar trade channels and using a mark having the same primary word component. The Court held that...

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When Are Compulsory Copyright Licenses Compulsory?

By on Oct 20, 2022
Posted In Copyrights

The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit partially affirmed a district court’s summary judgment order holding that audiovisual recordings of live concerts do not fall within the scope of the Copyright Act’s compulsory license provision while purchasers of audio-only recordings obtain a compulsory license in the copyright of the work fixed by their...

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