Dr. Henrik Holzapfel

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Dr. Henrik Holzapfel advises on all aspects of intellectual property law. He focuses on litigating patents, including the enforcement of patents essential to industry standards and FRAND defenses. Henrik also has extensive experience in litigating trade secret matters. Other areas of his practice include advising on IP licensing agreements, including advice on European competition law, drafting R&D agreements and advising on employees’ inventions. Henrik’s clients represent a wide variety of industries such as IT, pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices, chemicals, automotive and engineering. Read Dr. Henrik Holzapfel's full bio.

Are You Ready for the UPC? Act Now to Prepare for its Opening on June 1

By , and on Mar 1, 2023
Posted In EU Update, Patents

On February 17, 2023, Germany ratified the Agreement on the Unified Patent Court (UPC) and triggered the UPC’s entry into force on June 1, 2023. The UPC will revolutionize patent enforcement across Europe and impact companies around the world that hold European patents or conduct business in Europe. Owners of existing European patents or pending...

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EU Unified Patent Court Announces Intent to Launch on April 1, 2023

By and on Oct 20, 2022
Posted In EU Update, Patents

The EU Unified Patent Court (UPC) announced a launch date of April 1, 2023, however, the announced date should be regarded as a statement of intent for it could change. The launch timing has been the subject of various delays and setbacks, several due to unresolved legal issues. The UPC has also published an almost...

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European Commission Seeks Comments on Revised Horizontal Guidelines Draft

By and on Apr 7, 2022
Posted In Antitrust, EU Update

On 1 March 2022, the European Commission launched a public consultation inviting stakeholders to comment on a revised Horizontal Block Exemption Regulations on Research & Development and Specialisation (HBERs) draft, as well as on a revised draft of the guidelines on the applicability of Article 101 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European...

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2022 IP Outlook Report: The Developments Shaping European IP Law

By , , , and on Mar 1, 2022
Posted In EU Update, Patents, Trademarks

Key Takeaways and Outlook for 2022 While European intellectual property (IP) regimes have slowly digested the Brexit shock, brand owners are vacillating between optimism and apprehension in 2022 as they navigate continuous developments in IP law. At the forefront is the prospect of greater patent law harmonization with the entry into force of the Unified...

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2022 IP Outlook Report: The Developments Shaping Patent Law

By , , , and on Feb 17, 2022
Posted In Patents

Key Takeaways and Outlook for 2022 Tracking with this era’s continuation and uncertainty trends―global supply chain disruption, innovation outpacing legislation, the unstoppable internet of [all the] things (IoT)―2022 is expected to be another busy year in the world of patent litigation. We fully expect persistence in these spaces: Patents/SEP FRAND Licensing Venue Developments Subject Matter...

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SEP Regulation: European Union Calls for Stakeholders’ Views

By and on Feb 17, 2022
Posted In EU Update, Patents

Following public consultation rounds on the regulation of standard-essential patents (SEPs) in the United States and the United Kingdom, the European Union followed suit and published a “Call for Evidence” concerning an impact assessment on the European Union’s new framework for SEPs on 14 February 2022. The Call for Evidence is part of the European...

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The Net Is Tightening on European SEP Regulation

By and on Feb 10, 2022
Posted In EU Update, Patents

The regulation of standard-essential patents (SEPs) has increasingly attracted the attention of policymakers in recent years. This includes the European Commission, which institutes multiple projects to profoundly review the European Union’s SEP and competition law framework. Some of these EU projects are still in the making, with the next public consultations coming up in early...

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European UPC All Set for Set Up as Protocol Enters into Force

By and on Jan 27, 2022
Posted In EU Update, Patents

On January 18, 2022, after recently joining the protocol on a European Unified Patent Court (UPC) on provisional application (PPA) as the decisive 13th EU Member State, Austria deposited its instrument of accession to the PPA. Thus, the countdown to the grand opening of the UPC has now started. (The actual opening may take place...

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European UPC Almost Ready to Launch as Austrian Parliament Approves Ratification

By and on Dec 9, 2021
Posted In EU Update, Patents

Austria became the 13th country to join the protocol on a European Unified Patent Court (UPC) on provisional application (PPA) when the second chamber of the Austrian parliament (Bundesrat) approved the PPA unanimously on December 2, 2021. The Austrian government is expected to formally deposit its ratification shortly. As expected, Austria followed Slovenia as the...

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Only One More Ratification Needed: European UPC Might Be Ready to Launch

By on Oct 7, 2021
Posted In EU Update, Patents

The German parliament recently passed the Approval Act (the Act) regarding the planned European Unified Patent Court (UPC) and the protocol on a UPC on provisional application (PPA). The Act was passed after Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court rejected applications for a preliminary injunction directed against the Act. The instrument of Germany’s ratification of the PPA...

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